Wait... are these lasers for kids?

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🛫 The noisy fighter jets are apparently going to be flying at night for the next two weeks.

  • The National Guard's jets usually just bother people during the daytime. But for training reasons, they’ll be flying at night for a while, Channel 3000 reports.

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  • It was a little weird for us to have the same events published in every single newsletter all week long, right?
  • Two fun things we saw for today:

🏫 The choices for James Madison Memorial High School’s new name have been narrowed down to 15 choices, the Cap Times reports.

  • “We all know which proposals are a waste of our time,” one committee member said. They were talking about eliminating “Woke High School" from the options.
  • Find the full list of remaining options here.

🍺 Local brewery Ale Asylum is for sale, the State Journal reports.

  • Its massive 45,000-square-foot brewery and restaurant out by the airport will be closing in October.

Wait... are these lasers for kids? Our own Hayley Sperling reviewed a recent laser light show for Tone Madison.

  • Many of us made some not-so-great memories at Alliant Energy Center over the past 18 months. A laser light show might just be the unexpected pleasure you didn't know you needed.

⚾ Giannis bought part of the Brewers.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo, fresh off a still-sweet NBA championship victory with the Bucks (🏀), doubled down on Milwaukee by purchasing a minority stake in the Brewers (⚾).

🧶 Remember that new yarn store that just opened? The Cap Times wrote about its origin story.

  • Shop owner Erica Hainz wasn't satisfied with existing options in the area, so she opened Fiddlesticks Knits in the Atwood neighborhood.
  • Niche? Perhaps. Bougie? No. “It was very important to me to make sure that this wasn't like a bougie, boutique yarn shop,” Hainz told the Cap Times.

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