Morning update: Tuesday, Sept. 21

Where do we put Wonder Bar?

Good morning, Madison!

Happy Tuesday to all who celebrate. Let's jump right into the news today.

— Hayley

🦠 Rebecca Kleefisch tested positive for covid-19.

  • The former lieutenant governor tested positive on Friday. Her spokesperson told the State Journal that she was likely exposed "while at church on Sept. 12, three days after formally declaring her candidacy." Her spokesperson said she is vaccinated and feeling fine.
  • The gubernatorial candidate has spent the past weeks making her rounds on the campaign trail but now, all in-person campaign events for this week have been canceled.

🍻 A potential solution for Wonder Bar.

  • Some context: If you'll recall, we spent much of the summer discussing the fate of Madison's Wonder Bar, a prohibition-era steakhouse that was set to be demolished to make way for a $40 million housing project. Community members rallied to save the historic spot, which sits just down the road from Alliant Energy Center. Ultimately, the city shelved the project and told developers to come back when they had a new proposal.
  • Now, instead of knocking the building down, supporters of the bar and McGrath Property Group (who submitted the original development proposal) want to physically move it and have it made a landmark.
  • There is still a ways to go before a new proposal is formally presented to the city, but with developers and landmark advocates on the same page we can keep our fingers crossed that it will be a smooth process.

I cannot be the only one who had this thought while reading the story.

🏳️‍🌈 Meet the first openly gay pastor of the First Baptist Church of Madison.

  • Rev. Tim Schaefer has been at the church for almost a year but had his "official installation service" on Sunday, WKOW reports.
    • "A big part of that service was a covenant between myself and the congregation that we will support each other," he said. "So, in a way, it's a little bit like a wedding where we swear those vows to each other, and that was so incredibly moving into me."

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🚗 A PSA for Prius owners.

  • Madison police report several thefts of catalytic converters occurred on the East Side Sunday night. According to the incident report, the thefts occurred in the following areas: 1200 block of Rutledge St., 200 block of Helena St., 1600 block of Fordem Ave., 1400 block of Williamson St., 1100 block of Jennifer St., 1400 block of Rutledge St.
  • What is a catalytic converter? Put simply, a catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants in a car’s exhaust. They are made with precious metals like palladium and rhodium.
  • Why Priuses? The catalytic converters in Priuses contain more of the precious metals, making them more appealing to thieves. Though this isn't to say other cars aren't at risk as well.
  • Related: The Cap Times wrote a great explainer on this issue back in June.

🛑 Another pedestrian was killed on East Washington this week.

🏈 Go Pack, go.

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