Morning Update: Tuesday, Sept. 14

Morning Update: Tuesday, Sept. 14

iPhone updates, COVID costs, and more

Good morning, Madison!

I know this is *Madison* Minutes, but here's a quick national story that you may have missed but need to know.

If you own any Apple products — specifically iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches — you might be at risk of a major security breach and should update your devices. The TL;DR (which, if you don't know, stands for "too long; didn't read") is that a bug in previous operating systems "was very likely exploited to allow government agencies to install spyware into the phones of journalists, lawyers, and activists," The Verge reports.

Even if you're not a journalist, activist, or lawyer, you are still at risk. The spyware could reportedly infect devices without the owner clicking a single link. Spooky!

So do yourself a favor, go update your phone and then come back to catch up on today's news.

— Hayley

💰 Wisconsin is getting $58.4 million for COVID-19 response efforts.

  • Local and tribal health departments will share the money, which comes from the federal American Rescue Plan Act to help absorb costs brought on by the pandemic.
  • According to the Wisconsin Examiner: "Gov. Tony Evers announced the public health funding program Monday morning. Each department’s share will include a base amount and an additional sum based on the size of the population that the agency serves. [...] Among the possible uses are testing, contact tracing, vaccination programs, public health staffing and improved technology, as well as services to address health disparities."

⚖️ Gov. Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul are getting involved in in Wisconsin's federal redistricting case.

  • The two filed a motion yesterday that would allow Evers to intervene in a lawsuit filed last month asking the federal court to draw the state’s next electoral maps. The motion argues that both the governor and the state Legislature have a joint role in the redistricting process and Evers wants to exercise that power.
  • If Evers and the Legislature can’t reach an agreement, a court will likely draw the new maps.

✈️ The jets...they're training.

  • If you, like me, already think the fighter jets at Truax Field are too damn loud, buckle up because they're about to get louder. The 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard will be conducting evening training over the next couple weeks.
  • According to Channel 3000: "People living in the area near Truax Field may see or hear F-16 fighter jets taking off or landing until about 10 p.m. from Monday until Thursday this week. [...] Another set of nighttime training flights are currently scheduled for next week on September 20-23."

🎒 MMSD is considering a ban of out-of-school suspension for students in grades 4k-5.

  • The school board will vote on the matter later this month, and according to The Cap Times, many members of the board and community support the move. Data shows that there are massive disparities in race and special education status when it comes to the practice.
  • The numbers don't lie: According to school officials, in grades 4K-3, 45% of those suspended in 2017-18 were Black, despite Black students making up just 19% of the overall student population. That number rose to 60% in 2018-19 and 50% in 2019-20.

🥬 Nationally, marijuana use among college students is at an all-time high and Wisconsin is no exception.

🤰 Your lunchtime read: What would a post-Roe Wisconsin look like?

🦠 Covid-19 Resources

Wisconsin Vaccination Rate: 52.2%

Dane County Vaccination Rate: 69.9%

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