Morning Update: Tuesday, Nov. 16

Morning Update: Tuesday, Nov. 16

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Good morning, Madison.

It's Tuesday, have you raked your lawn? Better yet, have you raked your curb? That's exactly what the Clean Lakes Alliance is trying to get Madisonians to do this fall.

Why? Leaves are rich in phosphorus, which can be a great fertilizer for your lawn, but a terrible one for lakes. When water runs through leaves, it picks up their phosphorus and carries it straight into the lakes, where it acts as fuel for bacteria. (Read more about phosphorus in Wisconsin's water here.)

Adam Sodersten, spokesperson for the Clean Lakes Alliance told Channel 3000 we won't see the impact of phosphorus in our lakes until it's too late. But if individuals take the time to rake leaves from the streets either onto their lawns or into leaf bags, it will make a real and lasting difference.

— Hayley

🗳️ Democrat David Bowen announced his bid for lieutenant governor Monday.

✏️ Madison School Board president Ali Muldrow is ready for another term.

  • Muldrow announced her re-election plans on Facebook Monday morning. She's an East High School graduate and was first elected to the board in 2019. She was selected as board president earlier this year, Cap Times reports.
  • The spring election is April 5, 2022.

🧀 Want to own a part of the Green Bay Packers? Here's your chance.

  • The Green Bay Packers are hosting their sixth stock sale in franchise history today. The team will sell 300,000 shares at $300 each (plus fees, of course).
  • This is the first opportunity for fans to buy stock in the team in a decade. The last stock sale was in 2011, before that one was held in 1997. The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports the sale will continue to Feb. 25, 2022, but could be extended. The Packers are the only publicly-owned team in the NFL.

🌳 A new, interactive sculpture is coming to James Madison Park.

  • According to the city, the project is a "collaboration between Angèle Nyberg, dancer and choreographer, Ava Padilla, three-dimensional artist working with locally sourced botanicals, and all who decide to participate." Participants can weave reclaimed fabric into an upright hammock wall, which tilts back slightly, allowing visitors to "lean or soften into the weaving and find a meditative gaze over the lake."
  • The opening ceremony for ‘To Hold You’ is this Sunday at James Madison Park from 3-5 p.m.

💉 Stop trying to fit your vaccine card in your wallet, Epic has an app for that.

🍻 If you want to go to Genna's you better be vaccinated.

  • The downtown bar is requiring individuals to show proof of vaccination to enter. And no, a negative test result won't cut it. Representatives from the Wisconsin Restaurant Association and the Madison and Dane County Tavern League told the State Journal they were unaware of any other establishments in town with such a mandate.
“I know some people will be like, ‘Well, we’ll never go there again,’ but you know what? I don’t care. We hope this encourages more people to get vaccinated.” — Kristi Genna, owner of Genna's Cocktail Lounge.

🥡 Your lunchtime read: ‘Chester the Digester’ keeps Madison College’s food waste out of landfills.

  • From In Business Madison: "The biodigester, believed to be the only one of its kind in the nation, just received the Wisconsin DNR’s Recycling Award for Innovation. It gobbles up all the compostable products from Madison College’s culinary arts, baking/decorative arts, and cafeteria areas, and the kitchen scraps are converted to a fluffy brown material that can be used in gardens and for plantings."

🦠 Covid-19 Resources

Wisconsin Vaccination Rate: 55.1%

Dane County Vaccination Rate: 71.7%

Here's where to find a COVID-19 vaccine near you.

Need a COVID-19 test? PHMDC has you covered.

Are you eligible for a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna? Find out here.

Do you still need your flu shot? Start here.

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