A new daily podcast is coming to town

And we’re helping launch it.

A new daily podcast is coming to town

We’re partnering with City Cast to bring a daily podcast to the isthmus.

You probably have some questions. Let’s break it down.

What is City Cast?

City Cast is a network of daily local news podcasts in cities around the country. Current cities include Chicago, Denver, Houston, Salt Lake, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, DC, and Boise. And soon, City Cast will go live in Madison.

What you can expect

Don’t worry, you’ll still receive your daily dose of Minutes.

We will retain complete editorial control over our newsletters. City Cast Madison staff will produce the podcast. Once the podcast launches later this year, we’ll share new episodes in our newsletters and occasionally contribute to the podcast.

More about our partnership

This partnership felt like a natural fit for us. City Cast knows the ins and outs of podcasts, and when it comes to newsletters, well, those are sort of our thing.

City Cast has already proven its commitment to Madison by hiring longtime local journalist Molly Stentz as lead producer.

Open positions

Now that a lead producer is hired, City Cast is looking to add two more staff members to the launch team:

We’re incredibly excited about this partnership and all of the opportunities it brings.

Stay tuned for more!