Goodbye to a local favorite

RIP Burrito Drive, a revival of an Ale Asylum classic, and progress on an emergency shelter. Here's what you need to know about Madison today.

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Goodbye to a local favorite

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Image via Burrito Drive/Eat Street

🌯 Goodbye, Burrito Drive.

  • Purveyors of the White Trash Burrito announced their last day in business will be March 26.
  • The iconic east side hole-in-the-wall restaurant made a name for itself for its fusion menu items, cheap delivery, and late-night hours. But the spot that once reliably held a line out the door after bar time ended its late-night service during the pandemic and never brought it back.
  • "The last few years have been challenging for everyone," the restaurant wrote in an Instagram post. "It's been a wholehearted feeling and emotional experience to be a part of this supportive community over the last 16 years. But all good things must come to an end."

🗳️ A look at the municipal referendum on the spring ballot.

  • Have we mentioned the election is April 4?
  • The city has a referendum on the ballot asking voters whether or not aldermanic terms should be staggered.
  • Here's the exact language: "Shall the Charter Ordinances of the City of Madison be amended to establish staggered two-year terms for members of the Common Council beginning in 2025, with the 2025 Spring Election including one-year terms for alders in even-numbered Districts and subsequent elections the term for all alders shall be two years?"
  • In regular terms: If voters say "yes" to the question, starting in 2025, alders in even-numbered districts would be up for election in even-numbered years and alders in odd-numbered districts would be up for election in odd-numbered years.
  • Get prepared: Check out a full sample ballot here.


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🍻 Reviving Ale Asylum’s flagship beers.

🛍️ Part of State Street could become a pedestrian mall this summer.

  • Madison is in the early stages of considering a pilot program that would turn the 400 to 600 blocks of State Street into a pedestrian and bicycle mall.
  • The city has toyed with the notion for a while but has taken a renewed interest in the idea given that buses will be removed from the same blocks starting this summer when the Metro Transit redesign begins. Currently, only delivery cars, emergency medical services vehicles, and city buses are allowed on the three-block stretch, according to NBC15.

🏠 Funding has come through for a new emergency shelter.

  • The Salvation Army has received a $4 million federal grant to build a shelter and community center on the 600 block of East Washington Ave. The new building will be four to five stories tall and provide transitional services for people in need.
  • The new construction is part of a larger development that includes The Shield, a three-story apartment building with mixed-income and affordable housing. The apartments are set to open next year.
  • Some context: The Salvation Army of Dane County currently operates out of a makeshift space in the former St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Plans for this project have been in the works since at least 2019.
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