City Cast Madison is a local podcast that helps you feel more connected to Madison.

Episodes are about 15 minutes long and feature local news, culture, and conversation.

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The podcast team

The City Cast Madison team is led by Molly Stentz, who previously worked at WPR and WORT. The show's host is Bianca Martin, a Wisconsin native who helped launch the nationally-syndicated public media program 1A and produced shows for NPR, WBEZ, and WORT. Rounding out the team as producer is Dylan Brogan, who you may know from his work as an Isthmus reporter and WORT contributor.

Read this Q&A to learn more about the team:

Meet the City Cast Madison Team
ICYMI: Madison Minutes is partnering with City Cast to bring a daily podcast to Madison.

More about our partnership

This partnership feels like a natural fit for us. City Cast knows the ins and outs of podcasts, and when it comes to newsletters, well, those are sort of our thing. We share City Cast Madison episodes in our newsletters, and you can expect to hear us at least occasionally on podcast episodes.

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