If you ruled the world (Madison)

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If you ruled the world (Madison)
Photo via Flickr user Tipocracia

Good morning, Madison!

If you ruled Madison, what petty law would you make?

One Redditor posed this question over the weekend and hundreds of people shared their hot takes. Here are some of my favorites just for fun.

"No more traffic around the square, it's being remade as a European style pedestrian square."

"No tile may be used for grocery store floors."

"Left turn on Willy Street? Right to jail."

"Mandatory Blue Moon ice cream in all households."

"Weed, that is all."

— Hayley

Photo by Hayley Sperling

🏫 The UW System will no longer ask job applicants about DEI.

🥜 A new era for Nutkrack.

  • The local candied nut business is expanding nationally and changing its name to Fortune Favors.
  • Along with the name change, the company also announced it will begin distributing its products in Whole Foods locations around the country this year.
  • Over the past five years, the business has grown from one small retail shop on Atwood Avenue to an online wholesaler and retail distributor with millions of dollars in sales. The company recently moved into a 19,000-square-foot production facility in Cottage Grove.

🥹 Have you been to Mochi?

  • The shop recently opened on the 600 block of State Street selling plush toys, home goods, and more in the Japanese "Kawaii" style.
  • For the shop's owner, Mochi is meant to be a place where people can escape from their everyday lives and get lost in a sea of pastels, glitter, and cuteness.
  • Though the owners initially thought it would take time to build a following in Madison, they told the State Journal that customers have been very supportive and they initially sold out of some items quickly. The shop buys its inventory from wholesalers in Japan, Korea, and China, according to the newspaper.
Photo credit: Hilldale

🛍️ Finding zen at the mall.

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to highlight its importance, Hilldale is encouraging shoppers to slow down and find a moment of peace.
  • The shopping center has posted signs with calming mantras in its flower beds and installed a life-size zen garden next to Indochino for visitors to use.
Illustration by Kay Reynolds

👪 Your lunchtime read: How the Dobbs decision weighs on parents in Madison.

  • Via Tone Madison: "[P]regnancy, its impact on physical and mental health, and parenting, influence people’s thinking about abortion access, and abortion access (or a lack of it) in turn shapes people’s family planning. Tone Madison spoke with four Madison-area parents who responded to our survey about this interplay and how the Dobbs decision has changed their plans."
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🎙️ Today on City Cast Madison

Stacy Harbaugh aka DJ Shotski
Image courtesy of Stacy Harbaugh

How to Polka in Madison

The Wisconsin State Polka Festival is this weekend, y’all. So bring your oompahs and yooodelaydeewhoos. Polka is our state dance, after all.

Now if you’re thinking, uh… polka? We challenge you not to enjoy Madison’s very own polka DJ Stacy Harbaugh. Also known as DJ Shotski, host of Polka Time on WVMO, Stacy can be found spinning records at events around town and spreading the love of this bit of Wisconsin culture.

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