It's time to (early) vote

Now through Feb. 19, early voting is available at more than two dozen locations across Madison.

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It's time to (early) vote
The city's I Voted stickers were designed by high schooler Katina Maclin. Image via City of Madison

Good morning, Madison!

Did you know you can vote today?

Now through Feb. 19, early voting is available at more than two dozen locations across Madison.

You can register to vote at any early voting location through Feb. 17. You'll need to present an accepted ID to receive and cast your ballot, so don’t leave home without it.

Are you ready to vote?

Check out a sample ballot.

Get to know the candidates: State Supreme Court justice, Madison Mayor, City Council.

— Hayley

🖼️ A journey through "re:mancipation".

  • A new exhibit at the Chazen wants audiences to take a critical look at a controversial piece in the museum. Titled "re:mancipation," the project combines history, technology, and art to examine the 1873 sculpture "Emancipation Group," which depicts President Abraham Lincoln standing over a kneeling newly-freed man.
  • The exhibit is a collaboration between the museum, artist Sanford Biggers, and the MASK Consortium and opened this week. It reimagines the problematic 1873 sculpture by repositioning additional objects in the museum’s collection alongside it with new artwork by Biggers and educational resources.
  • The exhibit will be on display until June 25.

🏘️ Welcome to the agri-hood.

A dumpster fire caused damage to the downtown Nitty Gritty in November 2022, leading to it's temporary closure. Image via Madison Fire Department.

🎂 Your second chance for a Nitty Gritty birthday.

🏫 Meet the the Board of Regents’ new appointee.

📖 Your lunchtime read: The not-quite-grown-up Madison of "Filthy Animals".

  • Via Tone Madison: "In this 2021 collection of short stories, author Brandon Taylor ties Lionel’s narrative through multiple sections of the book, always circling back to Madison as the main setting. Taylor himself spent years in Madison pursuing a degree in biochemistry before heading to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and the Madison in Filthy Animals reflects that experience. It’s a city that people move to and away from, the way Taylor did, with permanent residents playing second fiddle to the transients attracted by UW-Madison and their struggle to find solace in their temporary home."
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🎙️ Today on City Cast Madison

Happy Singles Awareness Day
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

How to Move Beyond Betrayal

This week, we’re honoring love in its many forms. We’ll offer you things to do, places to go, and advice on how to care for friends, lovers… and yourself.

Today, we’re talking about how to survive the unthinkable - when a loved one betrays you and hurts you badly, you can’t imagine how you’ll move on. And yet, you have to.

Darcy Luoma had a rewarding career, a successful business, a loving family and a happy marriage. Until the day her husband was arrested for sexual assault of a minor and her life was blown apart. Darcy shares her story of how her entire life changed and what she learned to do to take care of herself and her family in the midst of a crisis.

Darcy Luoma is the founder of Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting.

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See Lady Liberty on Lake Mendota
Today is the start of the Wisconsin Union’s annual Winter Carnival.