Goodbye to our dearly-beloved "do not reply" images

Goodbye to our dearly-beloved "do not reply" images

We are an email.

And that's why it's so weird that, up until very recently, you haven't been able to directly respond our newsletters due to a technical glitch. If you did respond, your message would be sent to a black hole in the internet, never to be seen again.

Thankfully, the dark days are over and you can now reply to our emails!

This is huge. We're excited to open the door to new conversations.

When we started Madison Minutes, we promised to always listen to our readers. One of the best parts of writing the newsletter is reading your feedback.

So when we realized last year that this...quirk...could last for several months, we sprung into action.

Sam and I knew we wanted to run a visual campaign to help readers understand the situation.

Enter the doodles.

When considering artists for the task, my mind went straight to one person: Wisconsin-based illustrator and all around RAD (hehe) human, Rachal Duggan.

Rachal's art is fun, casual, and experimental — basically everything we strive to be at Madison Minutes. The doodles Rachal made quickly became fan favorites.

Now that the glitch is fixed and we'll be putting these doodles to rest, let us reminisce on these iconic pieces of art.

First off, Saxophone cat.

Next up, Deep Dark Hole.

Say hello to the Trash Man.

Remember getting abducted by aliens?

Don't get lost in the Vortex.

And last but not least, the Email Cliff of Death.