The ABCs of Madison

Every city has its own vernacular and sometimes, it can take years to become fluent.

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The ABCs of Madison

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday, we published what I have titled The Ultimate Madison Dictionary.

Every city has its own vernacular and sometimes, it can take years to become fluent. I moved to Madison about a decade ago and I'm still learning new terms — like what's TOD?

I wanted to publish this dictionary because sometimes it’s hard to find answers to these questions (and embarrassing to ask). This dictionary is for all of the Madison newbies and veterans alike. I hope you learn something new.

If you have a Madison word, acronym, or idiom to add, send me an email.

— Hayley

🚰 This new program will help reduce utility bills for low-income customers.

  • The Madison Customer Assistance Program (MadCAP) offers a monthly discount to lower-income residents on municipal services bills (think water, sewer, etc.).
  • The program is the first of its kind in Wisconsin and launched today as a two-year pilot.
  • MadCAP will give a $20 monthly credit to residents earning 30-50% of the area median income and a $30 monthly credit to residents earning less than 30% of the area median income. For context, 50% of the area median income for a four-person household is $57,650 and 30% is $34,600. You can check your eligibility here.
First image: Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway. Second image: Gloria Reyes.

🗳️ Recapping the mayoral debate.


🏫 Say “hello” to Ezekiel Gillespie Middle School.

🎭 Introducing World Premiere Wisconsin.

💩 Just for shits.

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🎙️ Today on City Cast Madison

Photo courtesy of Libby Tucci

We Turn the Mic on Host Bianca Martin

Today, we’re turning the tables on our host, Bianca Martin. We’re putting her on the other side of the mic. She was interviewed by Angela Russell, the host of the Black Oxygen podcast, about how she came to host City Cast Madison. We’re airing an excerpt of their conversation.

You can find the full interview on the Black Oxygen podcast.

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