Our time to shine on the small screen

Mayoral candidates, Free Covid-19 treatment, and cleaning up after the holidays — here's your morning update for Thursday, Jan. 12.

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Our time to shine on the small screen
Photo by Hayley Sperling

Good morning, Madison!

Next week, our town will be the center of attention. At least on PBS.

The travel series "Samantha Brown’s Places to Love" visited Madison in March 2022. The show's host Samantha Brown got a taste of what the isthmus has to offer — from the Capitol to supper clubs and curling.

The episode premieres on PBS Jan. 20, but you can get a front-row seat to the show tonight at a special screening hosted at Garver Feed Mill.

I won't give any spoilers but if you want to know more about what's on the show, check out this Q&A with Brown from Cap Times.

— Hayley


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🗳️ Meet the third mayoral candidate.

Doctor Holding Cell Phone. Cell phones and other kinds of mobile devices and communications technologies are of increasing importance in the delivery of health care. Photographer Daniel Sone
Photo by National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

😷 You can get free Covid-19 treatment delivered.

  • If you've tested positive for Covid-19, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has a program available to provide free antiviral treatment through telehealth,regardless of your insurance coverage.
  • How it works: You'll request a virtual visit with a clinician to determine if antiviral treatment is a good fit. The consultation will start within 30 minutes of your request and can be done through video chat or phone. Prescriptions can either be delivered or picked up at your local pharmacy.
  • The service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Related: What to do if you're sick or possibly exposed to Covid-19 (Public Health Madison & Dane County)
Image via Jenie Gao/City of Madison

🎨 A new mural for Metro.

  • The Madison Arts Commission selected artist Jenie Gao to create an 8,000-square-foot mural to decorate the outside of the Metro Transit Maintenance Facility near the corner of East Washington Avenue and South Ingersoll Street.
  • Gao's project is titled "The Time Is Ours" and will be comprised of four parts connected by aluminum silhouettes of people waiting in bus shelters. The sections will illustrate the passing of time through the use of motifs that are distinct to Madison, like spring crocuses, cicadas, geese, and snow.
  • Gao weaved community support throughout all aspects of the project. She has plans to source many of her materials from local vendors, partner with Operation Fresh Start to hire students to help with the mural's production and installation, and hopes to host community paint days where neighbors can help fill in the mural.
Photo via City of Madison

🌲 Have you tossed your tree yet?

  • Christmas trees can be put out on the curb on or before Jan. 17. If you miss the Jan. 17 date, your tree may not be picked up until the city begins its regular brush collection in the spring.
  • Make sure your tree gets picked up with these tips: Place your tree on the street’s edge, remove and discard tree bags, and make sure all metal objects, like stands and ornaments, are removed.
  • You can also bring trees to the city’s drop-off sites. Check the drop-off website for hours and locations.
  • For more on getting rid of holiday trash, check out our (updated!) winter guide.

📚 The financial effects of One City Schools ninth and 10th grade closure.

🏚️ Your lunchtime read: From ‘dream’ property to nightmare: Some Wisconsinites pay the price for pollution they didn’t cause.

  • Via Wisconsin Watch: "Zach Skrede bought this house on Elk Avenue in the town of Easton, Wis., with 20 acres of land. He had big dreams for it but then he discovered the property was contaminated with asbestos-containing roofing material. 'It’s been absolute hell,' he says."
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🎙️ Today on the pod

Photo via Brian Winzenried

Spicy Cheese Bread Goes Global

Stella’s Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread has long been a staple of the Dane County Farmers’ Market. The huge loaves are stuffed with gooey hot cheese, flecked with red pepper and are best eaten by tearing off a huge hunk as you stroll around contemplating eating more vegetables. And now, Brian Winzenried of the famed Stella’s family is taking the cheese bread to Panama.

What began as a pandemic trip has blossomed into a new business venture, opening this spring. Not only can you enjoy a taste of home while on vacation, but you can learn to bake alongside Brian in his new kitchen, Gamboa Baking Co.

🦠 Covid-19 update

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