Start a garden with a library card

There's still snow on the ground but that doesn't mean spring isn't right around the corner.

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Start a garden with a library card
Images via Madison Public Library

Good morning, Madison!

There's still snow on the ground but signs of spring are all around.

Just this week, the Madison Public Library opened its seed library, offering a variety of vegetable, herb, fruit, and flower seeds for gardening.

Free seeds are being offered at Goodman South, Lakeview, Meadowridge, Pinney, and Sequoya libraries through September.

There's no limit to the number of seed packets you can take and each packet contains about 10 seeds.

Happy planting!

— Hayley

🏘️ The city redefines "family."

What's City Council?

The City Council, also known as the Common Council, is Madison’s elected legislative body. It’s made up of 20 alders who each represent a different district in the city and serve two-year terms.

🎸 Big names coming to Breese Stevens this summer.

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🖇️ The School Board wants your thoughts.

🚙 Read this if you drive a Hyundai or Kia.

  • Local Kia and Hyundai dealerships are offering free software updates for the vehicles following a nationwide spike in thefts. The new software is designed to prevent the cars from starting without a key in the ignition.
  • A lack of security features in Hyundai and Kia vehicles made between 2015 and 2019 has made the cars easy targets for thieves. “We were busy this summer. At one point in time, half of our stolen auto cases involved a Kia or Hyundai,” Madison Police officer Scott Reitmeier said.
  • For more information: Hyundai owners can call 800-633-5151 and Kia owners can call 800-333-4542.
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Quivey’s crisp batter and cheesy potatoes put it on top. Photo courtesy of Linda Falkenstein

Where Do You Friday Fish Fry?

Friday Fish Fries in Madison are their own kinda of religion. When we went in search of the best fish in town, we had to talk to Linda Falkenstein, Associate Editor of the Isthmus newspaper. She’s been going to fish fries in Madison her entire life… and now makes a living writing about them, among other things. It might surprise you that a few of her picks aren’t in Madison at all, but right next door in Westport and Fitchburg. But perhaps the most surprising pick of all? Well, we’ll leave that for you to discover.

Linda’s Picks: Quivey’s Grove, Athens Grill and The Old Fashioned.  Read Linda’s Isthmus reviews, including this roundup of Wednesday Fish Fries (gasp!)

Join us every Thursday as we explore Madison's food culture, from the brewers and bakers to the chefs and cheesemakers.

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