Hello, August

Morning update: Monday, Aug. 1

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Hello, August
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Good morning, Madison!

We've made it to another Monday and somehow, another month.

If your morning is anything like mine, we're off to a bit of a chaotic start. So let's just dive right into it today.

— Hayley

🗳️ Mandela Barnes is all but certain to take on Ron Johnson in the fall.

You can still vote early!

In Madison, early voting — also called in-person absentee voting — is available through Aug. 7. Check out the list of times and locations available here.

Make sure you have a photo ID to vote. Some acceptable forms of ID include Wisconsin drivers licenses, U.S. passports, tribal IDs, and more. If you have questions or concerns, give your municipal clerk a call.

🍻 Coming soon: Cardinal Bar (again).

  • A group of five friends are planning to reopen the Cardinal Bar and "reestablish it as a community hub and dance club featuring Latin jazz music and electronica," the State Journal reports.
  • If you'll recall, the Wilson Street bar closed in 2017 after 42 years in business. Nomad World Pub later moved into the space but eventually moved to the former Brickhouse BBQ location on Gorham Street, where it closed in 2020.
  • The Cardinal's revival could come as soon as October if the five partners get all the necessary city approvals. Currently, the group isn't sure if they’ll offer food at the bar and they're still determining how many nights a week they’ll have live music or DJs.
Photo by Daniel Klein / Unsplash

🦋 How you can help monarch butterflies locally.

  • What's up? In late July, monarchs were listed as “endangered” on the Red List of Threatened Species. According to PBS, scientists estimate the species' population has dropped between 20% and 90% over the last several decades.
  • How can I help? The Cap Times spoke with the director of UW's Arboretum Karen Oberhauser who gave tips on how we can help the endangered monarch. Plant milkweed and flowering plants. Milkweed is the only food Wisconsin monarchs can eat as caterpillars and the only place a monarch butterfly will lay eggs. Avoid pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals can harm monarchs and other pollinators. Reduce your carbon footprint. This is a good practice for everyone to get behind.

🏓 Looking for pickleball?

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Photo by Catia Climovich / Unsplash

👀 Check your peas.

  • Three people have been hospitalized with salmonella after eating peas purchased at several Wisconsin farmers' markets. The strain of salmonella was traced back to shelled peas sold by Green Barn Farm Market of Ripon, NBC15 reports.
  • The peas were sold at farmers markets in Ripon, Green Bay, Madison, Fond du Lac, and the Green Valley Acres Farm in Neenah. Health officials say if you've purchased loose peas from Green Barn Farm Market or Green Valley Acres Farm since July 1, you should throw them out.

🏛 Your lunchtime read: Madison artist has guided thousands of state Capitol tours.

  • Via Wisconsin State Journal: "If you’ve received a tour of the state Capitol in the past 20 years, there’s a good chance Daina Zemliauskas gave it to you.

    It could have happened a decade into her job, as she pointed upward to show visitors the Capitol’s stately murals while throngs of protesters occupied the building during the 2011 Act 10 protests. And it almost could have happened on the second day of her job — Sept. 11, 2001 — though the early morning terrorist attack in New York City led to the cancellation of all tours and, in Zemliauskas’ recollection, 'the building was pretty much cleared.'

    In addition to sharing Wisconsin’s history, Zemliauskas, a longtime artist, is likely to tell visitors about the mosaics above them, the Capitol blueprints drawn by hand, the original furniture that remains in the building and the technological feat it was to build each Capitol wing in an average of a few years without the construction materials or machinery available today."

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