Get your ballot in the mail

Today we are officially one week (!!!) away from the primary election.

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Get your ballot in the mail
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Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

We are officially one week away from the primary election.

If you still have an absentee ballot to send in, today is the deadline to mail it in. If you can't make it to a mailbox today, you can return your ballot in person at the city's various early voting locations or bring it to your polling place on election day.

Still deciding on who will get your vote?

The city is hosting interviews with Madison's spring election candidates in partnership with the League of Women Voters. You can check those out here.

Get prepared, look at a sample ballot.

Get to know the other candidates on the ballot: State Supreme Court justice, Madison Mayor.

— Hayley

P.S. Tune into today's episode of City Cast Madison to hear me talk about some of the best and worst dating stories the city has to offer. XOXO.


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🥘 Coming soon to Willy Street: Sultan.

  • A new restaurant will open this spring in the former Roman Candle Pizza location at 1054 Williamson St. serving small-plate South Asian cuisine.
  • The new spot, called Sultan, plans to have a no-tipping policy. The owner says employees will be paid an hourly rate and get a monthly share of the restaurant's profits.
  • The owner has made substantial renovations to the space, giving the former pizza joint new life with subdued lighting, dark wood, and a lounge feel. Barring any major setbacks, Sultan is set to open May 15.
An F-16 jet flies over Truax Field during a 2022 ceremony commemorating the unit’s final F-16 departure. Photo via Wisconsin National Guard

✈️ Let's talk about the jets.

  • Over the weekend, the U.S. military shot down (another) unidentified object in North American airspace, this time over Lake Huron.
  • The local angle: The F-16 fighter jets previously stationed at Truax Field are gone to make way for the incoming F-35s. But by happenstance, the Wisconsin National Guard was hosting their Minnesota counterparts over the weekend. Those Minnesota pilots took off from Truax Field Sunday and carried out the mission to shoot down the object.
A SEIU yard sign reads "Unions for all." Photo by Hayley Sperling

🏥 An update on the UW nurses push for unionization.

  • Some context: Nurses at UW Health have been fighting for a union since 2019 but the issue intensified with the Covid-19 pandemic. Among their main concerns are a lack of staffing, training, and resources. The issue continued to heat up, ultimately reaching a boiling point when the nurses threatened to strike last September. The walk-out was called off after mediation.
  • The latest: The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday announced it would not hear a case filed by the health care system asking for an "expedited decision" on whether it can voluntarily recognize the union. This decision doesn't have any impact on previous state agency rulings on the case but strikes a blow to the unionization effort, according to the Journal Sentinel.
  • What's next: The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission ruled in November that UW Health was not obligated to recognize or engage in collective bargaining with the union. The question that remains unanswered, however, is whether the health authority can engage voluntarily. There's still a case pending in Dane County Circuit Court surrounding that dispute.
Cody is a loveable guy who's looking for a family to call his own. Photos from DCHS.

🐶 Happy Take Me Home Tuesday! Meet Cody.

  • From Dane County Humane Society: Cody is an adult pup who loves playing fetch and running around outside, even in the snow. He is rambunctious, but loves people and is friendly. He even shows his cuddly side when he settles down.

    Cody is smart and knows a few basic requests like sit and shake. He enjoys snacking on treats and is looking for an energetic family who will take him on fun adventures and continue to work with him on his positive reinforcement training.

    Cody is a member of the Lonely Hearts Club, which means he’s been at the humane society for a while, so his adoption fee has been reduced. Think Cody would make a great addition to your family? Learn more about him here!

🐷 Your lunchtime read: Farm to table: Artemis Provisions & Cheese set to open retail space, restaurant featuring local produce.

  • Via Blueprint365: "‘Shoo them down back in that lane. Make sure the doors close behind them and that thing’s pulled up. Mix up a quick bucket of feed and pour it into each one of the pens. And then they’ll want to get back in.’ [...]

    Kingsley Gobourne took the call mid-interview from one of his newest employees, a man named Dane, whom he’s hired to help care for the pigs and cows he’s raising on a rented farm near Mount Horeb, about 15 miles west of Madison.

    In his day job, Gobourne is Chief Equity and Engagement Officer at Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin. And for almost three years now, he and his wife Melissa have operated Artemis Provisions and Cheese on the side, catering events and selling locally produced meats and cheeses through online orders."
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🎙️ Today on City Cast Madison

The Good, Bad, and Weird of Madison Dating

It’s Valentine’s Day… a day that can fill you with hope and excitement… or dread.

And who among us hasn’t had a terribly bad date? Well, we asked - and you answered. Today, we’re listening to YOUR stories of dates gone terribly awry (and a few that went really, really right!)

Hayley Sperling, co-founder of Madison Minutes and Madison dating veteran, joins us on this wild ride through Madison’s dating scene.


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