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Morning Update: Friday, April 29

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🚦Downtown traffic tomorrow: some things to consider.

  • There’s a trio of large events happening downtown Saturday.
  • Mifflin Street Block Party - Lots of students, lots of drinking.
  • The Crazylegs Classic - Participants will start near the Chazen, head toward University Hospital, and double back to end at Camp Randall. Full race routes here.
  • Saturday Farmers’ Market – Expect a large crowd around the square.

😶‍🌫️ Delta-8 might be in Cottage Grove’s crosshairs.

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💼 We heard you like The Office…

📈 Our Covid-19 transmission levels are at "medium." But what does that mean?

  • Covid-19 transmission levels in Dane County recently increased to "medium" on the CDC's community transmission maps.
  • But this is a different system of measurement than the agency has been using for most of the pandemic. In February, they switched everything up, changing their calculations to give greater weight to hospitalizations and deaths. So "medium" community transmission today is different than "medium" would have been a year ago.
  • So what does "medium" mean? It's a reflection of the fact that cases have been rising for over a month. Take a look:

📚 Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday! Here are a few local bookstores to patronize:

🚓 Zero recruiting firms signed up to find Madison's first police monitor.

  • The search process was restarted after the lone finalist for the position backed out earlier this year.
  • This time around, the city requested bids from recruiting firms for the position and not a single one applied.
  • The city reached out to six firms directly, the State Journal reports. Some said they were too busy. At least one indicated that “news surrounding the previous search led us to believe this would be challenging.”
  • For now, the recruitment process is paused as officials consider how to proceed.

🦠 Your lunchtime read: Learn about bacteria through UW-Madison Ph.D. students’ adult coloring book

  • From the Cap Times: “The pages of "Bacteria & Me" are filled with fun bacteria facts and detailed artwork to color in, all of which are free to download online.

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