A forever home

Morning Update: Friday, April 8

A forever home

Hi there,

Remember Buddy?

When we posted about him for Take Me Home Tuesday, we said he was "looking for a retirement home where he can enjoy soaking up the sunshine and cuddling up to his humans on the couch."

Well, folks, he found it. We are thrilled to report that Buddy has been adopted by a Madison Minutes reader after they spotted him in the newsletter. He's now settling in nicely to his forever home, where he is sure to get plenty of human cuddles.

- Sam

📣 The University of Wisconsin is pausing its plans to distribute a free speech survey.

  • In yesterday’s newsletter, we mentioned plans to survey students across the UW system campuses about free speech.
  • The State Journal reports the survey is now indefinitely paused “in response to mounting concerns from campuses this week about potential politicization of results ahead of the November election, questions about the research protocol process and allegations of political interference.”

💵 One City Schools is opening a credit union location inside the school.

  • The public charter school will open a student-run Summit Credit Union branch early next year. Students will staff the branch, and the school will encourage students to open savings accounts there.
  • “Our kids will learn finance and banking, and we’re also going to open bank accounts for all of our kids. So they’ll all have savings accounts,” One City Schools Founder and CEO Kaleem Caire told Madison 365.

🚌 The pending bus system overhaul will bring many changes. Here’s one that has northside residents very concerned.

  • Residents of the Dryden Terrace apartments on the north side of Madison say changes to routes will force them to change how they get around town. The complex is popular with older people and residents with disabilities, in part because a bus stop is currently located right next to the complex.
  • But if route changes are made as currently planned, the stop closest to the complex will be several hundred feet away, down a sloped road, NBC 15 reports.
  • “These streets are dangerous … We’ve had people hit. I get hung up on the ice crossing the roads,” said Verna Batchelor, a Dryden Terrace resident who uses an electric scooter to get around.
  • The city says it’s still possible that changes could be made. “We are listening and trying to find how those people are affected and possibly making adjustments to the plan to accommodate their needs,” said Transportation Planner Mike Cechvala.

🪑 The Terrace chairs are back April 13.

  • And this means, of course, the terrace will basically be open for  spring/summer starting next week.

📈 Lunchtime read: Madison's Quiver Quantitative wants to shake up stock trading

  • From the Cap Times: "On Quiver Quantitative’ website, users can toggle between more than a dozen free data dashboards. Brightly colored graphs track companies’ government contracts, mobile app ratings, and common phrases used in the risk factor section of their annual 10-K reports (“climate change,” for example)."

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