Let's get a little spooky

Morning Update: Friday, May 13

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Let's get a little spooky

🌨️ Today's weather: Sunny with evening storms. High: 90° Low: 62°

Good morning, Madison.

I know it's May and the weather has been unseasonably hot and cheerful but I'm here to give you several reasons why I'm feeling incredibly spooky today.

First, it's Friday the 13. Enough said, right? Well on top of that it's supposed to storm tonight, which automatically brings up the spook factor by a few notches. (And will hopefully bring an end to this dreadful and unseasonable heat and humidity combo.)

Second, this weekend there will a super flower blood moon eclipse (!!). Sunday night, much of North America will experience a total lunar eclipse that will eventually turn May's full flower moon blood red.

And last, but certainly not least, My Chemical Romance just released their first new song in eight years. (I'm Not Okay about it.)

Anyone up for a Twilight movie marathon this weekend?

— Hayley

Photo by Hayley Sperling

📣 Students across Wisconsin participated in a walkout for abortion access.

  • Students from Monona Grove and Madison La Follette high schools walked out of class Thursday to show their support for abortion rights. Students at Stevens Point Area Senior High School also did the same. Earlier this week, dozens of Oregon students walked out of class for the same reason.
  • Despite not being able to vote, the group expressed their belief in the importance of making their voices heard, WKOW reports.
  • "We're here to say to the school and to the district and just to our officials that we do believe that we have rights over our own bodies," said Monona Grove senior Mari Garey. "We're using our power of togetherness and coming together as a walkout to show that."

⚖️ A Dane County judge is taking another look at Tony Robinson's case.

  • Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colás announced plans to hold an evidentiary hearing to determine if there is cause to pursue charges against Madison police officer Matt Kenny, who shot and killed Tony Robinson in 2015.
  • Typically, this type of decision is made by a district attorney, but as Channel 3000 reports, "Wisconsin Statute 968.02 allows a judge to make the call if the DA refuses or is unable." The use of this statute, however, is rare.
  • Some context: Following Robinson's death, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne determined Kenny's use of deadly force was lawful and did not file charges against the officer. Since then, family and community members have advocated for change.

🎓 PSA: It's graduation weekend. Expect delays everywhere.

  • The basics: Thousands of cap-and-gown-clad students will flood the isthmus for graduation weekend. The ceremony for doctoral, MFA, and Medical Professional Degree candidates is tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the Kohl Center. The ceremony for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Law Degree candidates is Saturday at noon at Camp Randall Stadium.
  • Saturday's keynote speaker is Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. representative to the United Nations.
  • If you'll be out and about this weekend, expect traffic delays, long restaurant waitlists, and busy streets. Congrats, grads!

🚧 East side developments to watch.

  • Zion Church demolition: After a nearly hour-long discussion at their meeting Tuesday night, the Madison City Council voted 15-4 to move forward with a plan to demolish Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at 2165 Linden Avenue. In 2020, the church reached out to Madison's Threshold Development about acquiring and redeveloping the church property. The State Journal reports the church had "struggled to make ends meet over the past decade." The Atwood neighborhood church would be turned into an apartment building with roughly 30 units.
  • Monona Drive: Threshold Development is revisiting and revamping a 2020 proposal to redevelop the buildings at 3900 Monona Drive. As the Cap Times reports, "the proposal calls for the demolition of four buildings and a surface parking lot to construct a five-story, 69-unit building with two separate commercial spaces and underground parking." One of the buildings slated for demolition currently houses local favorite, Java Cat Coffee. But coffee drinkers need not worry, the shop will move into one of the commercial spaces in the new building. Cap Times reports UW Credit Union will open a branch in the other commercial space.

🥡 Layoffs at EatStreet.

  • The local food delivery service is undergoing a "restructuring" resulting in a 4% workforce reduction.
  • In an email to Madison Minutes, EatStreet co-founder and CEO Matt Howard expressed sorrow surrounding the layoffs. "While we’ve been around since 2010, we’re again tackling challenges with the vigor of a startup," Howard said. "We need to look at the business with a fresh approach that aligns with a rapidly evolving industry. That includes making financially responsible decisions and strategic changes that align with investment priorities and resources."
  • EatStreet is headquartered in Madison and operates in more than 250 cities in the U.S.

👕 Stinky flower: gone but never forgotten.

  • It came, it stank, and then it left. So long!
  • Buy your shirt here. The proceeds will be split between Olbrich Botanical Gardens and local artist Jess Draws (aka bumblechub).

Image via Deer District Twitter

🏀 Bucks? In? Six?

☠️ Your lunchtimes read: The skeleton in the chimney.

  • From Madison Magazine: "A cold case heats up as DNA experts step in to try to help solve a late-1980s mystery: Whose skeleton was found in the chimney of a local music store, how did it get there, and why?"

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