Last call for stinky shirts

Morning Update: Friday, May 20

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Last call for stinky shirts

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Happy Friday, Madison!

The time has come. Our stinky flower shirt sale must come to an end. Because, like the corpse flower, nothing lasts forever.

If you've been mulling the idea of a shirt, now is the time to make your dreams come true!

As a reminder, the proceeds will be split between the artist (Jess Draws aka bumblechub) and Olbrich Botanical Gardens. So you can look good and feel good knowing you're supporting the Madison community.

Get your shirt here.

— Hayley

✍️ Dispatches from the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

  • Golf course landfill: The board voted Thursday to approve the purchase of half of the Yahara Hills golf course for use as a sustainability campus and landfill. The $5.5 million plan passed with a 27-4 vote. Though, as the State Journal reports, just because the sale passed, it doesn't guarantee the grounds will become a landfill. More public engagement and site evaluations must still take place.
  • Abortion support: The board also introduced a resolution that would show support for abortion care in Wisconsin and call on the state to repeal Wisconsin State Statute 940.04, which bans abortion at any stage of pregnancy without exceptions.

🚌 Calls for a more 'equitable' Metro redesign.

⚖️ Michael Gableman's election review is getting messy.

  • Quick context: Michael Gableman is the conservative former state Supreme Court justice hired by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tasked with reviewing Wisconsin’s handling of the presidential election.
  • A Dane County judge didn't mince words Thursday when she said Gableman appears to have “gone rogue” and “run amok” in refusing to comply with the state’s open records law.
  • Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn expressed her frustration to Vos' attorney over the fact that she did not have a signed affidavit from Gableman pledging that he complied with open records request. “It's not like this is Batman that you have to send out the bat single to get somebody to respond,” Bailey-Rihn said.
  • The judge threatened to fine Vos for contempt if Gableman doesn't produce the requested records and affidavit showing that Vos asked Gableman for the records. The next hearing is set for June 16.
Image via City of Madison

🚮 The city needs your help naming its new electric compactors and wants you to get weird with it.

  • First things first, what's an electric compactor? They do exactly what you'd expect them to do, compact things. In this case, it's trash and recyclables.
  • By replacing its old diesel-powered compactors at the east side drop-off site (4602 Sycamore Ave.), the city will save 356 gallons of diesel and prevent 8,000 pounds of CO2 from being emitted. Honestly, we love to see it.
  • Like all machines, these bad boys need names. And the city says, "Your puns, no matter how strained, are welcome." They've even offered a few to get the ball rolling: Compactrick McCrunchface & Flatten O’Squishly; Darth Squasher & Emperor Pulvertine; Swole John Oliver & Adam Driver.
  • You can email your name suggestions to through June 7.

🧪 Layoffs at Exact Sciences.

  • The Madison-based cancer screening company laid off about 230 workers Tuesday, including 50 at its Madison locations. The Cap Times reports Exact Sciences employs 3,500 workers in the Dane County area.
  • The 3% workforce reduction is reportedly the result of high inflation and a change in the company's priorities. Affected employees have been offered severance packages and as the company continues to hire, Exact is encouraging laid-off employees to apply for one of the open positions.

🥂 Smoky's last hurrah.

  • You're probably thinking, "But didn't Smoky's already close?" Yes. The Madison supper club ended its regular operations at the end of February but since then has remained open Wednesday-Fridays offering drinks and food specials.
  • Those nights, however, are coming to an end (for real this time) May 27, the State Journal reports. The building is set to be demolished in favor of a five-story, mixed-use building.

🚘 Your lunchtime read: Navigating Madison’s infamous Beltline during rush hour.

  • From Wisconsin Life: "You know that bubbling dread you feel as you approach bumper to bumper traffic … or that anxiety and frustration as an aggressive driver cuts you off? It’s safe to say most drivers have unfortunately felt those irritations at one point or another. For writer Mixee Vang of Sun Prairie, nothing brings those emotions out quite like driving on Madison’s notorious Beltline during rush hour."


  • It came, it stank, and then it left. So long!
  • Buy your shirt here. The proceeds will be split between Olbrich Botanical Gardens and local artist Jess Draws (aka bumblechub).

🦠 Covid-19 update

Wisconsin Vaccination Rate: 61%

Dane County Vaccination Rate: 79%

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