Morning Update: Monday, Feb. 21

Good morning, Madison!

If at any point over the weekend you found yourself wondering "WTF is a squall?" You're not alone.

A snow squall warning was issued Friday evening in southeastern Wisconsin, sending many Madisonians scrambling to figure out what was actually going on.

According to the  National Weather Service, a squall is simply an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall. Snow squall warnings are issued like severe thunderstorm warnings. This occasion marked the first time the National Weather Service issued such a warning in Wisconsin.

Hopefully there won't be too many more squalls in our future, but at least now when they come, we'll all be ready with dictionary definitions of what exactly to expect.

— Hayley

Left image via r/Wisconsin. Right image shows search queries for the word "Squall" skyrocketed on Google after the NWS warning.

🏀 The (literal) border battle between Michigan and Wisconsin.

🚌 An update on Madison's Metro Transit redesign.

🗳️ They're running?

  • A handful of conservatives are running against incumbent Dane County supervisors for seats on the County Board but, as the State Journal reports, a lack of information is calling the validity of the campaigns into question.
  • The six conservative candidates all filed their candidacies either the day before or day of the Jan. 4 deadline and have since reportedly made little effort to publicize their campaigns or take stands on issues.
  • As the State Journal reports, the county’s Republican Party has played a limited role in helping the challengers. While county Democrats say seeing a group of right-leaning candidates crop up in the isn't surprising, the lack of public-facing campaigns is a curious phenomenon.

🙏 "It means a lot.” Quadren Wilson's family hosted a barbecue in appreciation of the community's support.

  • Wilson’s family fed dozens of people at Demetral Park over the weekend in effort to show their appreciation for people who have supported them since Wilson's high-profile arrest Feb. 4.
  • The latest case update: The Dane County Sheriff’s Office, who is leading the investigation into Wilson's shooting, said Friday they found no evidence that Wilson had a gun at the time of his arrest. The sheriff's office also identified the law enforcement officers who shot Wilson as Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation special agents Mark Wagner and Nathan Peskie.
“Seeing everybody finally smiling after the whole situation – it means a lot.” — Jahari Morris, Quadren Wilson's sister

⚽ Support the Urban League in style.

  • Forward Madison has released a limited-edition hoodie designed in collaboration with Featherstone Flamingos, a Forward fan club who aims to "celebrate and promote Black culture."
  • The Legacy hoodie was designed to pay homage to Madison's Black athletes and all proceeds from its sales will go the Urban League of Greater Madison.

🎥 Mark your calendars for Spike Lee Festival.

🐺 Your lunchtime read: The future of Wisconsin's wolf management is unclear following federal ruling.

  • From PBS Wisconsin: "With a court decision placing the gray wolf under Endangered Species Act protection once again, more uncertainty has been added to the state's path forward for managing the animal as a new report reflects deep divisions in a DNR advisory committee."

🦠 Covid-19 Update

Wisconsin Vaccination Rate: 60.2%

Dane County Vaccination Rate: 77.9%


📅 Events: Monday, Feb. 21