Chancellor finalists, B-Side move + Bucks win

Morning Update: Thursday, April 28

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Chancellor finalists, B-Side move + Bucks win
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🏫 UW named finalists in its search for chancellor.

  • After a nearly five-month search process, the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced five finalists for chancellor Wednesday.
  • The list includes three women and two men. None of the candidates are politicians, and just one candidate has known ties to UW, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.
  • The finalists are Ann Cudd, provost at the University of Pittsburgh; Marie Lynn Miranda, University of Notre Dame statistics professor and former provost; Jennifer Mnookin, UCLA law school dean; Daniel Reed, University of Utah computer science professor and former provost; and John Karl Scholz, provost at UW-Madison.
  • The candidates will visit campus between May 2 and 6 for public Q&A sessions.
  • Some context: Outgoing Chancellor Rebecca Blank is leaving her post this spring to become the president of Northwestern University.

🎶 A new home for B-Side records.

🗳️ Do you want to be District 3 alder?

  • The city is officially accepting applications to fill the vacant City Council seat left by the current District 3 Ald. Lindsay Lemmer's resignation.
  • District 3 residents can apply to fill this vacancy for the remainder of the term, which ends on April 18, 2023. Click here to check what aldermanic district you live in.
  • Applications are due by 4:30 p.m. on May 11.

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🍎 East High School has a new principal with a familiar face.

🏀 The Bucks are headed to Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

  • The defending NBA champs from Milwaukee took down the Chicago Bulls 116-100 Wednesday night to finish off the first-round series in five games.
  • The Bucks will now face off against Boston Celtics in Round 2 of the NBA playoffs. Game 1 is on Sunday in Boston.

☎️ PSA: Don't get caught in this scam.

  • The Dane County Sheriff’s Office put out a warning to residents about an elaborate phone scam in which callers claim to represent the Sheriff’s Office and ask for money.
  • Callers will spoof the agency's phone number so it looks like the call is coming from a legitimate source.
  • If you've received one of these spam calls, you can report the incident by calling the non-emergency dispatch number at (608) 255-2345.

⚖️ Your lunchtime read: The pressure is on to set Kenyairra Gadson free.

  • From Tone Madison: "Gadson's advocates believe the case went the way it did because Gadson is a visibly queer, masculine-presenting Black woman. They place her among the nationwide pattern of Black women who've been criminalized for defending themselves against attackers or domestic abusers. [...] 'There's a history of this happening, with Black women being like, forced to take on so much abuse and so it's bigger than [Gadson],' says Jessica Williams of Freedom Inc. 'It's not just a fluke that it happened here in Madison. It's not that oh, she just had a bad jury selection. It is a system. It's a system that chooses to villainize Black women.'"

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