Morning Update: Thursday, Jan. 13

Morning Update: Thursday, Jan. 13

Good Morning, Madison!

It's Thursday. Happy Thursday.

Here's a little history lesson for your morning: On this day in 1922, WHA radio came to be. You might be asking "WTF is WHA?" Well, today you probably know the station better as Wisconsin Public Radio.

WPR long pre-dates the creation of National Public Radio. The station is one of the oldest in the United States and one of the first educational institutions to be granted a "limited commercial" broadcasting license. Pretty neat, right?

— Hayley

🏫 Madison schools are scaling back contact tracing and cutting down quarantine times.

⛸️ The city's ice rinks are closed until further notice.

🚗 PSA: The Wisconsin DMV is extending driver's license renewal time for those 60 and older.

  • Drivers in that age group with licenses set to expire in January, February, or March have until March 31 to renew them, without getting a late fee. The change comes as recognition of the "current elevated health risks to drivers 60 and over," the State Journal reports.

🎓 What does UW want in its next chancellor?

💻 Meet Dr. Christina Outlay, the new executive director of Madym.

🐘 Dane County has launched an equity and inclusion study of its parks and the Henry Vilas Zoo.

  • The study will assess how accessible and inclusive County parks and the zoo are. A national equity consulting firm will conduct the research over the next several months, and a final report is due in late summer, Madison365 reports.
  • The study will cost just under $100,000 and community members are welcome to provide their own feedback on the matter by emailing or calling 608-205-8444.

🎮 Your lunchtime read: Heavy metal guitarist brings back tokens, Space Invaders, Death Race and expands Madison-area arcade scene.

  • From the Wisconsin State Journal: "Brad Van Kauwenbergh, the frontman for the aptly named metal band Droids Attack, has partnered with Chris Welch of Trixie’s Liquor to open Aftershock Classic Arcade at 1442 E. Washington Ave. The business, which opened on New Year’s Eve in the former home of Maria’s bar, features more than 120 classic games like Space Invaders, Joust and 1943, along with newer games like Guitar Hero. There are colorful pinball machines with “Twilight Zone,” “Addams Family” and “Tales from the Crypt” themes and an air hockey table."

🦠 Covid-19 Resources

Of Note: Madison Minutes is now using case count data from Public Health Madison and Dane County, our local public health authority. Our previous charts used figures reported by the state’s Department of Health Services (DHS). The above graph represents new COVID-19 cases in Dane County.

Wisconsin Vaccination Rate: 58.6%

Dane County Vaccination Rate: 76.4%

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