Meet the chicks

Morning Update: Thursday, June 9

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Meet the chicks

Good morning, Madison!

Remember a little while ago when I introduced you to MGE's peregrine falcons? (If not, you can get a quick history lesson here.)
Well, all four of the newly hatched chicks officially now have names. Here's  what MGE had to say about the naming of our tiny winged friends:

Harmony, a female, was named for the musical effect of combining different pitches simultaneously to make beautiful music.

Maestro, a female, was given a moniker reserved for distinguished musical artists, including composers, conductors or performers.

Presto, a male, is named after playing music at a very fast tempo. In Italian, it means "quickly." Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals on earth reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

Sonata, a female, was named after a composition for solo piano or other instruments, usually consisting of three or four movements that vary in key, mood, and tempo.

The names of the four chicks are a celebration of the return of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra's Concerts on the Square to the Capitol Square.
The chicks have all been banded for tracking and will eventually learn to fly and leave their nesting box. For now, you can watch the fuzzy cuties via live stream here.

— Hayley

🛍️ Madison's public market is still on track for a 2024 opening.

  • The dream of bringing a public market to the isthmus is one more than a decade in the making. The State Journal reports the city will put out bids for the project this summer with the intention of construction starting in November.
  • The market is set to take over the city’s former Fleet Services building at the intersection of at North First and East Johnson streets. When all is said and done, the city hopes to fill the market with local vendors year-round.

💔 A vigil has been set to honor a man killed while riding a bike on Mineral Point Road.

A protester's sign reads "keep your policies out of my body" at a May 3 pro-choice rally. Photo by Hayley Sperling.

⚖️ Gov. Tony Evers is calling the Legislature into a special session to address Wisconsin's abortion ban.

🥜 Meet the Madison startup helping people navigate and manage food allergens.

  • It's called Amulet and its founder Abigail Barnes wants to help "put the science of food allergen detection into the hands of consumers via a small, wearable sensor," the State Journal reports.
  • The startup has reportedly raised $5 million in investments and has just under 10 employees. The wearable sensor can test for allergens in about a minute. Its first release sold out in just hours.

🍦 Need a sweet treat?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

🏳️‍🌈 Showcasing POC Pride.

📚 Your lunchtime read: Harassment on State: Botanist Social staff describe a disturbing pattern.

  • Via Cap Times: "Seven former employees of the seven-month-old Botanist Social on State Street describe an ongoing, unchecked pattern of harassment at the downtown nightspot. [...]

    Staffers say that Beqiri, the sole owner of the restaurant, would make inappropriate, sexualized comments, often when drinking or under the influence, often at gatherings after work."
  • Disclosure: Hayley is a former Botanist Social employee and one of the sources quoted in this article.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated Wisconsin's 1849 abortion law includes exceptions for cases of rape or incest. This is incorrect. The only exception to the law is when a doctor determines a pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. This post has been updated.