Okay! How about $3?

Okay! How about $3?

Hi there,

In terms of user privacy, our email newsletter software is one of the best around.

It only collects a few details: your email address, your name (if you give it at signup), and your engagement rate. That’s all we know about you as an individual (unless you’ve written us back or something like that).

I’m telling you this because you have an engagement rate of over 85%. That means you open our emails quite often.

I know you value the work we do. So the question is, how can I convince you to give us some money?

We know adding another subscription to an already-stretched-thin budget can be hard and we want to keep Madison Minutes accessible for everyone.

So, what if instead of the regular $6, $10, $15, and $40 monthly membership levels, we offered a $3 one?

Or what if instead of the regular $60, $100, $150, and $500 yearly options, we offered a $30 per year option?

Because to us, the amount you give isn’t so important. We know you’ll contribute based on whatever makes sense for you and how much you’d like to pitch in.

Thank you for your support,

– Sam

Membership FAQ

Why can’t you rely on advertising to fund Madison Minutes?

Over 100 newsrooms have closed so far during the pandemic. For many of those newsrooms, dramatic shifts in advertiser spending in early 2020 made it impossible to continue publishing. We want Madison Minutes to have a mix of revenue streams so that we are never dependent on choices that advertisers make.

What does a membership get me?

Nothing (for now), sorry! We give away all of our content for free. However, memberships do ensure that Madison Minutes is able to keep publishing, and that’s something, right?

Are you a nonprofit?