Hey, that’s our logo! Right there on the window! Neat, huh? And so official.

The past 14 months have been an absolute whirlwind for us, and we’d like to thank you all for sticking around. This time last year, we had 925 subscribers on the email list. Now we’re up to 10,817!

Since then, we’ve also…

  • Launched a brand new MadisonMinutes.com to serve as an online home for our newsletters and other projects.
  • Created a dedicated events newsletter to better connect you to Madison.
  • Written over 250 newsletters. That's a lot of news!

Just by reading our newsletters, you’ve played a role in shaping Madison Minutes. And today, we’d like to invite you to play an even bigger role by becoming a supporting member.

While our newsletters are free to read, we have to pay for the website, this adorably small office, and – of course – your dear friend Hayley’s salary.

With this in mind, would you support our work today?

With love,

Madison Minutes co-founder


Why can’t you rely on advertising to fund Madison Minutes?

Over 100 newsrooms have closed so far during the pandemic. For many of those newsrooms, dramatic shifts in advertiser spending in early 2020 made it impossible to continue publishing. We want Madison Minutes to have a mix of revenue streams so that we are never dependent on choices that advertisers make.

How much does a membership cost?

You can contribute on a monthly basis ($6, $10, or $15) or a yearly basis ($60, $100, or $150). We invite you to choose a membership rate that feels both generous and appropriate to your personal situation.

What does a membership get me?

Nothing (for now), sorry! We give away all of our content for free. However, memberships do ensure that Madison Minutes is able to keep publishing, and that’s something, right?

Are you a nonprofit?

No, we are Sam and Hayley.