Sweepy season

Signs of spring are all around us, especially in the streets.

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Sweepy season
Image via City of Madison

Happy Monday, Madison!

Signs of spring are all around us.

Over the weekend, the city kicked off its annual street-sweeping operation. Sweepers will be on the roads 16 hours a day collecting sand, salt, and other stuff that accumulated during winter.

This city is asking people to pay extra attention to posted parking restrictions and avoid placing trash and recycling carts in the street for pickup. If a sweeper can't do its job because a car or bin is in the way, it could take days before crews are able to make the rounds again.

— Hayley

American election mail envelope with pen
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📨 Beware of misleading voting mailers.

🩺 Epic is expanding.

  • The healthcare software giant plans to add 1,700 new employees and two new buildings to its Verona campus.
  • The two new buildings – named "Creatures" and "Guilds" – will be in the "Wizards Academy" part of campus. The new facilities are expected to open in 2024.
  • The bigger picture: Over the past two decades, Verona's population has grown from about 7,000 people to roughly 15,000 people. Much of that growth is attributed to Epic, according to WPR.


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Image via JustVeggiez

🫑 JustVeggiez is opening a restaurant on State Street.

🧖‍♀️ SolEscape Healing Arts is opening another east side location.

Photo by Flickr user Richard Hurd

🌎 This year's International Festival will be bigger than ever.

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Image courtesy of Rhodes-Conway campaign

Why Madison's Mayor Wants Another Four Years

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is running for re-election. The first-term mayor touts her accomplishments: getting a faster bus system, building more housing, and improving the city’s environmental footprint by reducing emissions and adding more solar. She won her first term as mayor by a landslide, but this time, she’s the insider running on her record.

We’ll speak with challenger Gloria Reyes on tomorrow’s show. The election is Tuesday, April 4th.

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🏦 Finances 101

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Cutting down on unused subscriptions
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Things to do in Madison this week
Things to do in Madison this week