Episode two

Episode two

Happy Friday!

We had a great turnout last night for City Cast Madison’s launch party! Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I hope you all picked up stickers on the way out.

For their second episode, the team talked with Sabrina Madison, the city’s newest alder, to learn what it takes to be part of City Hall. Madison represents District 17 on the east side of town and was appointed in October.

Could You Rep This City? by City Cast Madison

— Sam


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🫁 Tips for protecting kids from RSV.

  • There’s been an uptick in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases throughout the country, including locally.
  • Public Health Madison and Dane County says RSV “usually causes mild symptoms similar to a cold.”
  • Prevention methods are similar to what experts have been telling us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. PHMDC recommends washing your hands often and keeping them off your face, avoiding contact with people who are sick, covering coughs/sneezes, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

🏫 “Final action” scheduled for former Sennett Middle School principal’s employment.

  • If you'll recall: Former Sennett Middle School principal Jeffrey Copeland was fired in September for inappropriate comments he made in an accidental voicemail for a job applicant. Copeland filed a grievance asking to be reinstated.
  • The School Board met Monday night in a closed session to discuss the situation and plans to meet again today at 5 p.m. for "final action” on the matter, according to Cap Times.


🖊️ Latest posts from Bank of Sun Prairie:

🏨 Local hotels becoming workforce housing.

  • The Madison Plaza Hotel on the west side is the latest hotel to get a new lease on life as workforce housing. Renovations have begun to turn the building into Plato Madison — an apartment complex with 190 units, with rents in the $1,000-$1,200 range, according to NBC 15.
  • The bigger picture: Hotel Red near Camp Randall reopened as Stadium Lofts earlier this year, and a similar plan was just approved for the Radisson Hotel on the west side.

🗳️ Lunchtime read: What voter turnout in Wisconsin and beyond means about elections

  • Via Center for Public Integrity: “The voter turnout in 2020 was a stunning 67%, according to one source.

    Another had it at 94%.

    A third fixed 2020 voter turnout at 63%.

    All three are correct — because they do the math differently. They’re comparing actual voters with the number of eligible voters, registered voters and Americans of voting age, respectively.”

🐶 Friday Floof

Say hello to Chaos! This eight-year-old french bulldog is a socialite who loves everyone he meets, according to his owner Deb. Chaos competes in multiple events and sure looks like a winner to me.

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