It's UW-Madison homecoming weekend

Morning update: Friday, Oct. 21

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It's UW-Madison homecoming weekend
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Happy Friday, friends!

And a happy homecoming to all my fellow Badgers out there.

It's homecoming week on campus. This weekend is full of plenty of events to get you into the Wisconsin state of mind as the Badgers face off against Purdue Saturday.

Tonight, State Street will be filled with bands, Bucky, the UW Spirit Squad, floats, and more for the UW Homecoming Parade. Festivities kick off at 6 p.m.  

Want more? You can check out all the events happening throughout the weekend here. For some fun homecoming-inspired reading, check out this piece from Madison Magazine on other UW-Madison traditions.

— Hayley

P.S. ICYMI: We announced some pretty exciting news about our partnership with City Cast yesterday. Read about it here.

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🎥 Madison is losing another movie theater.

🚨 Fake school shooting calls were reported across the state.

  • More than a dozen false reports of violence at Wisconsin schools were made to law agencies Thursday, including in Madison. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, investigated and found that the false calls were made as part of a "swatting" campaign.
  • in response to the calls police patrols were increased around East High School as a precaution but no credible threats were found, Channel 3000 reports.
  • Falsely reporting an emergency to law enforcement is a crime in Wisconsin.


🖊️ Latest posts from Bank of Sun Prairie:

🖊 A look at the three referendums on the ballot in Dane County.

  • Have we mentioned recently there's an election coming up? In addition to the candidates, there will be three non-binding referendums on all ballots in Dane County.
  • Marijuana: Two of the referendum questions surround marijuana legalization. The first question asks if marijuana should be "legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same manner as alcohol for adults 21 years of age or older?" The second asks if "all records of previous convictions for marijuana possession in small amounts" in Wisconsin should be expunged.
  • Abortion: The other referendum question asks voters if Wisconsin’s 19th-century abortion ban should be repealed.
  • Since these questions are non-binding, the outcome of the votes won't change any laws.
  • Then what's the point? The civic exercise is designed more so to gather voter opinions.
Are you ready to vote? The election is Nov. 8 and is your one-stop shop for all election information. We've also pulled a few extra links for specific questions. Happy voting!

Check your voter registration here.
Get the details on voter IDs here.
Meet the candidates here.

🔬 Curious to know if there's PFAS near you?

Image via Pierce Manufacturing

🚒 The Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin is an electric fire truck.

👋 Your lunchtime read: A ‘Midwest goodbye’: The town of Madison merges with Madison and Fitchburg.

  • Via Cap Times: "Those driving on town of Madison streets likely don’t know they’re traversing between city of Madison and town jurisdictions, complicating local services, such as police and fire department assistance. But those who’ve grown up in the town know it as home; a small urban community with just over 6,000 people who  are as close knit as it gets. [...]

    But at the end of the month, the town of Madison will cease to exist, incorporating into the cities of Madison and Fitchburg, and residents are preparing to say farewell."
  • Related: The difference between the Town and the City of Madison
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