Has the end of Roe affected your family planning?

Has the end of Roe affected your family planning?

We want to hear from you.

As part of our ongoing coverage of the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, we've partnered with Tone Madison to produce a survey that will help us better understand and offer our readers a fuller picture of how the ruling is affecting people across the Madison area.

Our main question: Has the fall of Roe v. Wade impacted your decisions about family planning?

Visit our short survey to get more information about how we’re going about this and to tell us about the ruling’s impact on your plans. A Tone Madison reporter will follow up with you if you’d like to talk.

If you prefer, you can instead reach out to reporter Christina Lieffring on Signal at 608-867-1233.

Other questions? Reach out to Tone Madison publisher Scott Gordon at scott@tonemadison.com.

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