Gather up those leaves

Morning update: Thursday, Nov. 10

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Gather up those leaves
Image via City of Madison

Happy Thursday, folks!

Despite the fact that we've been fully spoiled with weather in the 60s and 70s this week, I'm here to remind you that it is in fact (still) Fall and there's only one more opportunity for yard waste collection.

The final set-out dates for collection will vary by neighborhood but you can check yours by entering your address here.

But first, what counts as yard waste? Leaves, weeds, garden trimmings, and other plant debris. This includes your droopy jack-o-lanterns.

Here are the do's and don'ts of yard waste pickup:

  • Do: Pile your leaves and yard waste at the street edge. Putting leaves in a compostable paper bag is preferred but not necessary.
  • Do: Separate yard waste and leaves from brush. Not sure about the difference? The city classifies brush as woody material trimmed from trees, shrubs or bushes and, tree and shrub trimmings over 18" in length.
  • Don't: Put leaves in the streets. This can lead to excess phosphorus runoff and more algae in our lakes in the summer.

— Hayley


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Image via Emily Mills

🗳 Ron Johnson has won a third Senate term.

🇺🇸 Key takeaways from the election.

  • Turnout was pretty good: Voter turnout in Dane County topped out at 80%. This is down from turnouts in 2020 and 2018, which hit 89% and 88%, respectively. In Middleton, an "unprecedented" number of voters led to long lines at the polls, largely because of a lack of poll workers.
  • Dane County voters gave an overwhelming 'yes' to legal weed: Two non-binding referendums asked for public opinion on marijuana legalization. In the first referendum, roughly 82% of voters said marijuana should be legalized, taxed, and regulated in the same manner as alcohol for adults 21 and older. In the second referendum, again 82% of voters said records of previous convictions for marijuana possession in small amounts in Wisconsin should be expunged.
  • Dane County voters also support abortion: Another non-binding referendum asked if the state's 1849 abortion ban should be repealed. Roughly 85% of voters said yes.
  • Republicans did not reach a legislative supermajority: Republicans needed to flip five seats in the state Assembly and one in the state Senate to secure a veto-proof majority in the Legislature. Though the state's new (and highly gerrymandered) election maps put the odds in the Republicans' favor, it was only enough to sway three Assembly seats. With Democratic Gov. Tony Evers holding onto his position, the status quo is largely intact in the statehouse.
  • Overall, the day ran smoothly: The Wisconsin Elections Commission reported only minor issues at polling places around the state. Though one incident involving a man with a knife disrupted voting in West Bend. But police say the man went into the polling place with the "intent to provoke a police response" and no injuries were reported.
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Image via Dark Horse ArtBar

🎨 So long and good night, Dark Horse.

  • The combination art gallery, music venue, and bar announced it will close after Thanksgiving. Since its opening in the former home of Star Bar on East Washington Ave. about a year ago, Dark Horse has hosted scores of live music and art events.
  • According to Cap Times, the bar's last day will "likely" be Nov. 25. Owner Patrick DePula told the news outlet that a lack of financial viability ultimately led to the decision to close. “I love live music. I love art. I’d like to see more little spaces like this, but it costs [money],” DePula said. “And unfortunately, it just did not work out in that space.”

⚽️ Think you’ve got what it takes to play for Forward?

  • Forward Madison FC will host its 2023 Player Combine next month in Loves Park, IL.
  • What's a combine? For my fellow less-than-sporty readers, a combine is an event at which scouts and professionals gather to watch and evaluate potential players to draft.
  • According to the team, in previous years, combine participants have been invited to preseason training camp and some have even signed contracts to play for the club. You can learn more and apply for a spot here.

🏘 Your lunchtime read: Madison’s housing debate is dangerously underdeveloped.

  • Via Tone Madison: "Madison residents were treated to another dose of toxic NIMBY-ism (Not In My BackYard) recently. The condemnation that followed was representative of an ongoing conflict around housing in the city. It’s a fight between two sides—NIMBYs and developers, or their Yes In My Back Yard (YIMBY) allies—and it allows the city-wide concerns that will affect the most residents to fall by the wayside."
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