We’re working hard for you

And that’s why we’re not working right now.

We’re working hard for you

Good morning, Madison!

This is when you would normally get a news update from us, but we’re out of the office! We need some time to slow down and do some long-term planning.

Our top priority at the moment is our finances. Despite keeping our budget incredibly lean, Madison Minutes is currently only 38.9% financially sustainable.

With that said, please don’t panic! There is a viable path forward for Madison Minutes.

We’ve made sizable gains in membership and advertising revenue over the past few months, putting us closer to being in the black. We’ll keep working to increase advertising support, but the rest is up to you.

Right now, we have 219 paying supporters. That’s approximately 1.85% of the people who are subscribed to our updates. To make this work long-term, we need more readers to support our work.

If you enjoy our newsletters, will you become a supporting member today?

See you Tuesday,

— Hayley and Sam

Membership FAQ

Why can’t you rely on advertising to fund Madison Minutes?

Over 100 newsrooms have closed so far during the pandemic. For many of those newsrooms, dramatic shifts in advertiser spending in early 2020 made it impossible to continue publishing. We want Madison Minutes to have a mix of revenue streams so that we are never dependent on choices that advertisers make.

How much does a membership cost?

You can contribute on a monthly basis ($6, $10, or $15) or a yearly basis ($60, $100, or $150). We invite you to choose a membership rate that feels both generous and appropriate to your personal situation.

What does a membership get me?

Nothing (for now), sorry! We give away all of our content for free. However, memberships do ensure that Madison Minutes is able to keep publishing, and that’s something, right?

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