Sponsored: You can stop the interest on your loans and credit cards.

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This is a sponsored post from Z. Usman. It was not written by the Madison Minutes news team.

Due to a little-known state law, you might be able to force credit card companies and some other lenders to stop charging you interest on the balance you owe.

Hi there,

I’m Z. Usman, and I’ve helped thousands of my neighbors in the Madison area get out of debt since I started my law firm in 2008.

Most people come to my practice in the end stages of debt collection when they’re facing severe penalties or legal action. I wish they would call me sooner, though.

Here’s why: In Wisconsin, there's a little-known state law that allows you to stop paying interest on credit cards, loans, judgments, and other unsecured debts.

In 1937 – back when the government still did good things for working people – the state legislature created this option to help residents escape high-interest financing.

If you...

  • Want to decrease your monthly debt payments
  • Are tired of paying someone else rather than yourself
  • Want to solve your financial problems before they get even bigger

... you should look into this!

I offer free advice for people who are curious about this option at TurnOffInterest.com. And if you end up working with me, my services only cost about $20 a month.


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